Remote Professional EEG & IOM Interpretation

Our EEG professional interpretation team is successful in partnering directly with healthcare facility Neurodiagnostic and Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM) programs, as both primary and secondary (to in-house Neurologists) professional interpretation services providers. Our organization is able to provide remote oversight through continuous real-time communication and interpretation of IONM and EEG data. Our team of physicians is dedicated to protecting your patients through the highest standards of remote interpretation through decades of specialized training in both the IONM and EEG fields.

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IONM Professional Interpretation

Qualified physician interpretation is the Gold Standard in providing IONM services. All major IONM societies support this position including the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society (ACNS Guideline 11A) as well as the American Society of Neurophysiological Monitoring (ASNM Professional Practice Guidelines).

We can seamlessly integrate with your Neurodiagnostic and IONM department through a secure, HIPAA-compliant encrypted platform that addresses every aspect of hospital needs such as medical record documenting, professional interpretation reports, technical reports, case scheduling, medical insurance billing, CPT coding, and secure medical data storage compliant with all state and federal laws.

Our IONM case scheduling is flexible and efficient in offering scheduling options through fax, email, or over the phone. We offer multiple billing models dependent upon your needs and can provide coverage 24-7-365 to ensure proper IONM services are available to all hospitals and facilities. INN is a full-service Professional interpretation provider prepared to offer services immediately through qualified experience licensed physicians.

How does IONM Professional Interpretation work?

Hospital schedules case with IntraNerve.
Hospital or IONM company schedules Remote Profession Interpretation services with IntraNerve Neuroscience (INN).
IntraNerve notifies regional team and neurophysiologist is assigned.
INN assigns a state licensed Remote P.I. in accordance with the credentialing required at the place of service.
Secure HIPAA compliant screenshare and chat

Surgical Neurophysiologist connects to remote real-time professional interpretation via a secure HIPAA compliant screenshare and chat.

IntraNerve Neuroscience Provides Solutions for Hospitals

Remote P.I. confirms IONM plan discussed with Surgical Neurophysiologist, anesthesiologist, and surgeon.

Neurophysiologist notifies surgeon of alerts during surgery.
Surgeon is kept informed of the patient’s status throughout the procedure.
IntraNerve Neuroscience Provides Solutions for Patients

Patient leaves surgery with improved outcomes and experience.

EEG Professional Interpretation

Our team of remote Specialty Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Pediatric and Adult Neurologists (Epileptologists) is ready to read your patient EEGs 24/7/365. Our Team of Reading Physicians provides interpretations for ICU/EMU cEEGS, and Routine/STAT EEGs and AEEGs across the nation. Through our SSL-encrypted, HIPAA compliant software, our Reading Physicians are able to remote into the EEG machine, or through your Citrix portal, to review the EEG. We work closely with your team of care providers to communicate these findings.

Our expert credentialing team works closely with your hospital credentialing team to ensure our physicians are quickly credentialed and ready to read your patient EEGs. Our physician team provides 24/7 coverage for your remote EEG monitoring interpretation needs.

How does EEG Professional Interpretation work?

Hospital schedules case with IntraNerve.

Hospital notifies IntraNerve Neuroscience (INN) of new patient EEG order.

Patient is set up for monitoring

Patient is set up for remote monitoring.

Continuous EEGMonitoring

INN R. EEGT remotes in to EEG machine to perform real-time monitoring.

INN R. EEGT updates INN and/or hospital physicians

INN R. EEGT updates INN and/or hospital physicians of patient status and if significant event occurs.

IntraNerve Neuroscience Provides Solutions for Hospitals
Physician(s) discuss patient treatment and potentially change therapy.