Remote EEG Monitoring & Continuous EEG (cEEG) Monitoring

INN provides Remote EEG Monitoring and cEEG/Neurotelemetry to rural, suburban, and metropolitan facilities across the United States. Through our innovative solutions and customizable services, we can provide high quality services to improve your patients’ outcomes. Contact us today to see how INN can help you overcome staffing and resource challenges needed to build or supplement your EEG programs.

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What Remote EEG and cEEG services do we provide?

Routine EEG Services

Stat and scheduled inpatient and outpatient 30-minute EEGs can be completed via different combinations of on-site and remote neurodiagnostic personnel.

Continuous EEG Services

Continuous EEG Services can be provided at multiple levels of EEG monitoring provision including:

  • Real-time Neurotelemetry (NT) provided 24/7 by remote R. EEG T technologists, at a technologist to patient ratio of 1:4
  • Intermittent Review of cEEG, provided 24/7 by remote R. EEG T technologists, at different intervals and technologist to patient ratios, tailored to specific clinical situations and facility needs.
  • Retrospective Review of cEEG, including Ambulatory EEG (AEEG), provided with quick turn-around times by Remote R. EEG T technologists.

Our unique service models utilize advanced, secure telemedicine platforms, allowing our Technologists and Epileptologists/Neurologists the ability to monitor patients from across the United States and around the world. Contact IntraNerve Neuroscience today to learn more information on how we can become your continuous EEG monitoring company.

How do we work?

Hospital schedules case with IntraNerve.

Hospital notifies IntraNerve Neuroscience (INN) of new patient EEG order.

Patient is set up for monitoring

Patient is set up for remote monitoring.

Continuous EEGMonitoring

INN R. EEGT remotes in to EEG machine to perform real-time monitoring.

INN R. EEGT updates INN and/or hospital physicians

INN R. EEGT updates INN and/or hospital physicians of patient status and if significant event occurs.

IntraNerve Neuroscience Provides Solutions for Hospitals
Physician(s) discuss patient treatment and potentially change therapy.