Improving the lives of those we serve.

Our Story

The CEO and Medical Director of IntraNerve Neuroscience (INN) is a retired orthopedic spine surgeon who utilized IONM during his 24-year surgical practice, with his first exposure to IONM as a resident in orthopedic surgery at Harvard University. Headquartered at the base of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, Colorado, INN works hand-in-hand with healthcare organizations, surgeons, and other healthcare providers throughout the United States. We provide Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM), EEG, cEEG/Neurotelemetry, and AEEG services, and physician oversight/interpretation for facilities like your across the nation. Our goal is to create a meaningful and cost-effective partnership with healthcare providers to enhance patient protection and reduce liability. INN is committed to high-performance in IONM and EEG by and raising the standard through continuous improvement and a patient-centric approach in all we do.

Our organization has held accreditation in Ambulatory Care (Telehealth) with The Joint Commission since March 2010. IntraNerve was one of the first IONM companies in the U.S. with this distinction. As a national leader in IONM services, IntraNerve maintains professional affiliation and membership with the following national societies

Mission Statement

We consistently deliver high-performing neuroscience services that improve the lives of those we serve.

Vision Statement

We will be recognized as a national leader in delivering comprehensive, high-performing neuroscience services.

Our Values

IntraNerve Neuroscience | Pursuit of highest standards

Pursuit of highest standards

To provide exceptional performance, we need to hold ourselves and our services to standards that are higher than industry norms. This also encompasses continuous drive, which is about having a never-ending curiosity to ask why we do what we do and the motivation to find better solutions to deliver our promise. 

IntraNerve Neuroscience | Integrity


Delivering an exceptional customer experience means never compromising our integrity. From responsiveness to reliability to accountability, we always conduct ourselves in a professional, truthful and competent manner.
IntraNerve Neuroscience | Respect


To be successful, we must always demonstrate the utmost respect for people—our peers, customers and patients—through our beliefs, words and behaviors.
IntraNerve Neuroscience | Innovation


We provide continuous diligence to find and implement new services, methodologies and technologies that give physicians and other healthcare providers faster, more accurate data and deeper insights so they can make the best decisions possible.

IntraNerve Neuroscience | Passion


Related to respect, passion for the purpose is crucial to our success. Consistently performing at a high level requires us to love what we do. Connecting to our cause keeps us engaged through the highs and lows that come with any career. If we don’t love it, then we can’t be great at it.

Diversity & Inclusion

As a dedicated provider of 24-7 patient care services since 2006, INN stands for creating a better world, saving lives, and improving patient outcomes through innovation in neuroscience.

INN is committed to:

  • Creating a workplace culture where high-performing professionals from all walks of life can connect, belong, and thrive together.
  • Recruiting, developing, advancing, and promoting talent from diverse backgrounds.
  • Supporting continued education and volunteerism, facilitating positive growth within our company and local communities.

Our History


Company is started above the garage of our Founder’s home in Colorado Springs, CO, with the vision of becoming a national, high-performing provider of IONM services; shortly thereafter, IntraNerve (IONM) and PRN Read (PRO) services divisions are formed.


IntraNerve provides IONM coverage on its 1st cases in Chicago, IL and Long Beach, CA.


IntraNerve receives accreditation by The Joint Commission in Ambulatory Care (Telehealth); becoming the 4th company in the industry to meet this standard.


Sustained, organic growth leads IntraNerve to providing IONM in 8 states across U.S.


IntraNerve establishes an internal medical billing and collections department – improving our business model – with focus on compliance, integrity, quality, and excellent customer relations with our patients and healthcare partners.


IntraNerve founder and an IntraNerve IONM Surgical Neurophysiologist attend WSET annual conference to learn more about cEEG monitoring in the ICU. They bring the idea back to the company to expand services.


After nearly a decade of successful growth and achievement in the field of IONM, Company forms a cEEG and Neurotelemetry services division (named the “IntraDiagnostics Division of IntraNerve,” IDI).


IntraNerve staff participates in groundbreaking work in support of Auditory Brainstem Implant (ABI) study being conducted by scientists and surgeons from the Keck School of Medicine of USC, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and the Huntington Medical Research Institutes (HMRI).


IntraDiagnostics provides cEEG/Neurotelemetry & Reading Physician services to our 1st ICU patient in Illinois.


IntraNerve staff provides IONM on Targeted Sensory/Motor Innervation case in Akron, OH, in support of pioneering operation on a woman who received a prosthetic/bionic arm, capable of giving her feeling in the extremity.


IntraDiagnostics expands cEEG/Neurotelemetry services to a children’s hospital in Alabama, successfully monitoring Phase I and Phase II EMU patients.


IntraDiagnostics expands cEEG/Neurotelemetry service line to include training and providing Neurodiagnostic Assistants (NDAs) to new and existing clients.


IntraNerve staff provides IONM on its 1st international case, on the island of Trinidad, for a 2-year old within a brain stem tumor.


IntraNerve relocates its Business Operations Office in downtown Colorado Springs, CO. IntraDiagnostics rapidly expands to provide cEEG/Neurotelemetry/EEG services to hospitals in 9 states.


IntraNerve successfully passes its 4th on-site survey with The Joint Commission.


Company partners with a major university health system, to provide a 24/7 turnkey, comprehensive management solution of EEG services.


IntraNerve achieves milestone of providing IONM on 50,000 surgical cases to date through organic growth.


IntraDiagnostics has expanded services to hospitals in 17 states across the country, doubling annual service volumes, year after year, since 2016.


IntraNerve, IntraDiagnostics, and PRN Read announces new tradename, IntraNerve Neuroscience (INN), in a public-facing effort to consolidate services lines. INN is accredited by The Joint Commission and provides a total neuroscience services solution to healthcare facilities across the U.S. INN remains privately owned and committed to its foundation of clinical excellence and responsible growth.