Want to be a Remote EEG Technologist?

I have been an EEG technologist for 12 + years with REEGT and CLTM credentials. I have performed and monitored tons of EEGs of all ages and worked in the hospital setting for 10+ years and as a remote EEG technologist for 3 years. I love everything about monitoring EEGs, brain changes from newborn to adult, and how spectacular the brain is and how it functions. Having the remote service for hospitals and other facilities is great patient care as the EEG is being monitored live. It is such a help for the facilities that have techs only on during the day and need to have cEEGs on 24 hours. The remote EEG monitoring technologist (that is me now!) can take over and watch the patient live and if any events occur, contact the physician and the patient gets treated in a timely manner! The same goes for if a facility is short-staffed due to call-outs or vacations; remote EEG technologists are the answer for great patient care and live 24/7 monitoring of the EEG.

Starting out as a remote EEG technologist, I was sure I wasn’t going to like it! I thought I was going to miss being at the hospital, interacting in person with patients, families, coworkers, and the 1-hour drive to and from work. Well, maybe not the drive.

But I was wrong! I really like working from home as a Remote LTM EEG Specialist! I am so happy I found IntraNerve Neuroscience and applied for the job! I was surprised that a company in a remote environment can offer so much support, educational opportunities, encouragement, training, and monthly remote team activities.

There are so many pros when working from home:

  • Commute to work: only steps away
  • PJs or work uniforms: same thing
  • Makeup and hair: only if having a Teams meeting
  • Car maintenance and gas: money saved, the list goes on!

The only con I can think of:

  • If you have pets, they will become more dependent on you and somewhat clingy, wanting to sleep near your desk and follow you all around the workplace (your house) or maybe this is also a pro! You can decide that one. 😉

If you’re interested in learning more about IntraNerve Neuroscience’s supportive remote environment, contact us, and please send your resume to careers@intranerve.com.

Written by: Michele LaQuatra, R. EEG T., CLTM