Tips for Recertifying Your CNIM

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I think it’s safe to say most Surgical Neurophysiologists agree: nobody wants to have to take that dreaded CNIM exam over again. That’s why it is crucial to stay on top of getting those continuing education credits!  While five years sounds like a long time to rack up the 50 CEUs required for recertifying your CNIM credential, it can go by quicker than you think, and the last thing you want to do is have to scramble to get those credits in at the last minute.  Here are some of the best ways to knock out those credits and make sure you are ready to go when it comes time to recertify!

Join a Society

One of the first things you should do after becoming certified is join ASET, ASNM, or ACNS! I joined ASET because the benefits are innumerable, as they offer unlimited resources, online courses, webinars, and annual conferences dedicated to continuing education and national networking with IONM professionals, often at a discount or even free of charge for members. Additionally, ASET has a CEU transcript that is automatically updated weekly to help you keep track of reporting your CEUs to ABRET. ASNM has been adding a lot of great live webinars as well! These are recorded to view at a more convenient time.

Attend a Conference

The ASET annual conference is a fantastic way to get the bulk of your required CEUs. Typically taking place over four days every summer, attendees can earn as many as 21.5 credits by attending fascinating lectures from IONM professionals all over the country on a myriad of different topics, as well as networking with peers and learning about the latest trends in the industry. Check and see if your employer has a continuing education allowance to help with fees!

Online Webinars

Not all CEUs have to be earned through ASET. You could earn them through recorded lectures from ASNM or virtual conferences from regional neurodiagnostic societies. This a great option right now as most in-person events are on hold for the time being, and these webinars and lectures can be attended in the comfort of your own living room.

Journal Quizzes

One of the easiest ways to get those last few credits you need is completing ASET Journal Quizzes. Free to ASET members, completing the multiple-choice quiz found in the quarterly ASET journal will earn you 2 CEUs. Just remember that no more than half of your required 50 CEUs can come from these journal quizzes!

Company Provided

And finally, be sure to keep a lookout for CEU opportunities that are provided by your company. Here at IntraNerve, our team members are often given the option to tune in to various webinars and lectures that can earn you a CEU just for attending. Additionally, we prepare and present Grand Rounds presentations to our teammates all around the country on a wide array of topics such as case studies, IONM practices, and other aspects of the field.

Happy learning and good luck with recertifying your CNIM!

Written by: Andrew Wilt, CNIM