Tips For A Smooth Call Week

The dreaded call week! No matter how long you have been taking call, it feels like you can never be fully prepared. Here are just a few tips I have found that help my week go a little bit smoother!

  1. Pray that your call week doesn’t fall on a full moon….just kidding (but not really)
  2. Prepare supplies ahead of time. There is nothing worse than getting called into a case that’s already started and you’re fumbling around trying to get needles ready. Have a couple head sets and needle bundles ready to go.
  3. Get up bright and early! Making sure you’re ready to go first thing in the morning will save you some time when you get that dreaded call “Where are you, we’re starting in 15 minutes?”. Even if you don’t get called in then you can get a jumpstart on your day! Get a workout in, clean the house, work on a project.
  4. Make sure you fill up your car with gas before you start your call week! Having to stop at the gas station when you’re in a rush to the hospital is always frustrating.
  5. Keep plenty of snacks and water on you! You never know where you’ll be when you get called in or how long your case could go. No one wants a hangry neuromonitoring tech!
  6. Have your phone charged and the volume turned up! Pack extra phone chargers in your bag and car. If you have a smart watch, connect your phone so that you don’t miss any calls or texts about add-on cases.
  7. Keep in close contact with techs that are at a hospital where there could be a possible add-on. Ask them if they are able to scope out the board or ask other staff about any add-on cases.
  8. Take a deep breath! Call week can be very stressful, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed by a bad week or bad case. Give yourself some grace, take a deep breath, and know that you are doing a great job!
  9. NEVER say that you are having a smooth/easy week…it will definitely jinx you!
  10. Have the mindset that you are going to get called in…then if you don’t it’s a bonus!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully these tips will help make your next call week go a little bit smoother!

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Written by Sidney Brown, CNIM