What is life as an INN Remote cEEG/EEG Monitoring Tech like?

Remote cEEG Technologists are advanced technical professionals in the field of Neurodiagnostics and are responsible for remotely reviewing real-time collections of cEEG/EEG data and extract abnormalities/seizures. They detect abnormalities, mark, clip, and prune studies, archive data, and provide a descriptive analysis per company and hospital policy and procedures. Best of all, this is done from the comfort of their own home office! What’s a day in the life like for an INN Remote Monitoring Technologist?

Coffee, sweatpants, and a ponytail, six massive monitors, and your privacy headset with microphone. Ready to actively scan and immediately respond to any changes that occur on up to four patients at a time. With a keen eye for sharps, spikes, acute onset slowing and the like, each patient requires diligence to detail and the ability to notify the reader immediately.  At any given time, the screens may hold only pediatric patients, only elderly patients or a mix of all ages, abilities and diagnoses.  With more than 20 facilities in our contracts, we must be acutely aware of the policies and procedures to follow for each should a patient have an event so that they receive care immediately. 

Despite many years of bedside experience in Neurodiagnostics, there are many pros and cons to offering remote cEEG/EEG monitoring services. No more getting sweaty in the isolation gowns, no more coming home with random bits of paste and glue on your scrubs and the ability to have a significant amount of disconnect between you and the depressing situations we witness as technologists.  A cup of coffee at your desk, sweatpants, slippers and no traffic for your commute top the reasons we love the job!

All joking aside, the pros and cons for remote monitoring as a full-time career are as follows:

Pro Con
No uniforms It is a very sedentary job
Separation from the patients and
families with depressing situations
Little direct patient care
Work environment is as
comfortable as you would like
Might miss hooking up patients
Still participating in care of patients
and making an impact in their health
Less face time with coworkers
Able to provide services to facilities
that wouldn’t otherwise have EEG

If you are a social person, you may need to keep your coworkers’ numbers handy on your phone so you can talk throughout your shift when appropriate. It is truly a privilege to be employed in remote cEEG/EEG monitoring services. The shortened commute allows for more family time and volunteer time and the ability to work from home allows the technologist to focus on what matters – the patient.

Overall, most technologists love the change and feel that they can provide a very unique service to underserved communities.  As highly skilled technologists, we employ our knowledge of EEG patterns every day to directly impact up to 4 patients at a time. We facilitate patient care with the nursing staff, reading physicians and treating physicians to stop seizures within minutes. 

Contact us today for more information about how you can further your Neurodiagnostics career with IntraNerve Neuroscience and assist facilities in need by offering remote cEEG/EEG monitoring services.

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By Petra Davidson BS, R. EEG/ET P., CLTM, Leslie Rosa, REEGT and Cheryll Poissant, R. EEG/EP T., MI/OP