a person wearing a stethoscope uppercase H a portion of the human spine


Our skilled clinical team provides instant feedback during your surgical procedure.  We provide locally-based teams of qualified technologists, available 24/7


We partner with healthcare facilities across the nation with a Joint Commission accredited, cost-effective, and high quality Neuromonitoring services solution


Let us answer your questions about Neuromonitoring services during your upcoming surgical procedure and educate  you on our insurance billing model

We strive to improve the quality of life for every patient we serve by safeguarding their neural pathways. IntraNerve is patient driven, cost-attentive, focused on the continuing medical education of our
clinical staff, and dedicated to distinction in the field of neurophysiological monitoring.

Upcoming Events


Michelle Williams and Alissa Finley will be representing IntraDiagnostics at our booth for the 2018 Ohio NeuroDiagnostic Society meeting on Friday, June 29th - Saturday, June 30th in Columbus, OH. Michelle will be presenting two topics: cEEG Patient Case Presentations and Intracranial EEG Monitoring. Don't miss out on these presentations!

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