Remote Professional Oversight

PRN Read, established in 2007 and sister-company of IntraNerve, has a strong team of licensed physicians in over 45 states, providing oversight services for multiple large national Technical IONM providers, along with hospital employed in-house IONM teams.  Our organization is capable of monitoring cases anywhere in the country while maintaining communication between the technical neuromonitor and remote interpreting reader.  Below are a few highlights of our program; for more information, visit our website or e-mail our team at



Secure Data Workflow Tool

  • HIPAA-HITECH compliant (128-bit encryption)
  • Clinical staff scans/uploads all pertinent data and case documentation


  • Establish digital communication via high-speed, secure internet connection
  • Secure, integrated chat program between interpreting reader and neuromonitor
  • Screen sharing capabilities via industry standard software
  • The interpreting reader establishes connection with technician in real-time via secure screen-share technology

Case Scheduling

  • Technical staff, hospital or surgeon’s office personnel can enter new case information directly onto the secure
    data portal and utilize online scheduling features as needed
  • Daily, Weekly, or Emergent case coverage as requested
  • Automatic e-mail confirmation verifies case scheduling assignments for simplified oversight workflow