EEG Positions Available

Job Title: Remote LTM EEG Specialist

Company: IntraDiagnostics

Work Location: Remote (from home)

Hourly Rate: $25.00 - $30.00 per hour

Position Type: Per Diem: 4 hours each shift

                         Week day/Week night/Weekend

Status of Position: Fully Staffed but accepting resumes for future opportunities!

Updated: November 2017 


IntraDiagnostics has a great opportunity for experienced EEG Technologists across the country. We are currently recruiting per diem EEG technologists to work remotely from home. The role of the remote EEG technologist is to detect EEG abnormalities, notify oversight neurologists and other designated care providers of findings, and clip/prune studies. All technologists must commit to an average of 16-20 hours per week. The ideal candidate is a motivated, reliable, and experienced professional who can independently and competently provide Neurotelemetry studies on all patient populations.



  • Demonstrates knowledge of adult, pediatric, and neonatal EEG patterns; both normal and abnormal
  • Can decipher artifacts from cortical activity
  • Accurately monitors, detects, and clip/prunes EEG abnormalities
  • Maintains a daily cEEG log and documents appropriately to meet industry standards and company policies
  • Demonstrates competency in operating EEG equipment and troubleshooting as necessary
  • Possesses knowledge and skillset in data reformatting in preparation for oversight neurologist
  • Has basic computer knowledge and data entry skills
  • Interacts professionally with hospital staff, oversight neurologists, and other remote technologists
  • Understands medical terminology, ACNS EEG description terminology, and abbreviations used in the field of neurodiagnostics


  • Must be ABRET board certified in Electroencephalography (R. EEGT) and Certification in Long-term Monitoring (CLTM) is required within 2 years of hire
  • R. EEG T and a minimum of 5 years of EEG experience, including 3 years of long-term monitoring in the ICU and/or EMU
  • Must have a HIPAA compliant workspace that is free from unauthorized viewing
  • Must have reliable cell phone coverage and internet service that is upgradeable to company standards
  • Experience in advanced epilepsy monitoring in the EMU, such as intracranial/stereotactic cEEG is preferred
  • Knowledge of Nihon Kohden, Cadwell, and Xltek EEG equipment is preferred

Contact Information

Email Subject Line: "Remote LTM EEG Specialist Job Posting"


Alissa Finley, BS, R EEGT, CLTM

Supervisor, IntraDiagnostics


Juliana Howard, Human Resource Manager